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Smooth Jazz This Week with JC Sol

Smooth Jazz This Week with JC Sol is a one-hour weekly radio show hosted by awardwinning jazz artist JC Sol. JC believes smooth jazz is as strong as ever. Modern, sexy
and innovative, the featured tracks are personally selected by JC, a veteran of the
genre who promises to give listeners an enjoyable experience allowing them toescape the grim headlines of today’s world. JC draws from her own experience as a
performing artist to offer unique insights into both the artists, and their music. But
that’s not all. JC also conducts extensive research, uncovering eye-opening backstories. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on old favorites while being introduced
to amazing music you might never have heard of before. It’s an exciting, fun-filledhour of beautiful music to soothe the soul.

The A List with John Armato

The A List with John Armato features the best in classic, cool, and up-and-coming jazz. “A List” is shorthand for the best of the best, of course. It’s also short for “The Armato List” – John’s personal pick of legendary jazz greats, outstanding lesser-known artists, and exciting emerging voices. “Everybody’s list is different,” says John. “But that’s the beauty of this big, wonderful music. Give the A List a listen and let’s compare notes.”

Strumming with Ross Morgan

Jazz guitarist Ross Morgan looks at the great jazz guitar players of our time. Ross shares his love for the guitar as a key instrument in jazz, selects his favorite tracks, and provides fascinating backstories about the artists and their incredible music.

Jazz Divas with Cory Galbraith

On this show of Jazz Divas, host Cory Galbraith looks at Many jazz Diva’s.
Jazz has always been connected to spirituality and the Church. Many jazz artists, past and present, are musicians of faith. Some are using their music to help make this a kinder and gentler world. Join jazz researcher Cory Galbraith as he embarks on a journey of spiritual discovery through jazz.